Thank You to the Brave Ones

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On this day, 18 years ago, Situation was officially born.

We set out to reimagine the way brands and fans connected through the power of live experiences. When I founded the company in 2001, I admittedly didn’t really know how to do what I wanted to do; but I was fortunate enough to surround myself with some incredible people who I trusted and who still inspire me today. Together, we took a leap of faith to follow our mutual interest in building passionate communities.

While our work in digital-first marketing stretches across many industries, from entertainment to sports to education to retail, there is one industry that played a fundamental role in who we are today — Broadway. As an industry, Broadway opened its arms and gave us a canvas to break ground in brave new ways. The industry took a leap of faith in many of our most progressive (“high risk!”) ideas and had the courage to put them to the test in real life with real customers. I’ll remain forever grateful for the support we’ve received over the years from the Broadway industry.

I think our gravitational pull to Broadway is no mistake — dare I say it was our destiny. For me, there is nothing more satisfying in my work than standing side-by-side with those willing to put their necks on the line for what they believe in. And what I’ve learned on the front lines of watching the magic of Broadway come to life is: it’s a brave business.

I stand in awe of the producers that pour their heart and soul into developing and nurturing amazing stories that touch so many lives. I see how the stress of their role impacts their health, their families, and beyond. I see their unwavering commitment to what they believe in, and it’s inspiring on so many levels.

I stand in awe of the artists and the creative teams that pour themselves into the creation of the work while standing in the crosshairs for criticism. Imagine for a moment that your performance review was written in the New York Times for the world to read! That takes some serious guts.

I stand in awe of the investors who pony up the money to nurture a vibrant theatre community. There’s a familiar saying that I’ve heard many times over working in the Broadway industry: “If you want to be a millionaire in the Broadway business, start as a billionaire.” Investing takes guts.

I stand in awe of the theatre owners who carry the torch in protecting the legacy and longevity of the Broadway category. This is no small task in a rapidly changing cultural landscape.

I stand in awe of the educational programs on Broadway that enrich the minds of children through the limitless power of arts and culture and how they fight for funding to ensure access for all.

I stand in awe of the entrepreneurs who continue to reinvent all facets of the business. It’s not easy to reinvent legacy systems that are as complex as the Broadway ecosystem. It’s inspiring to watch!

And finally, I stand in awe of my colleagues who thrive on the very idea that Broadway creates unique experiences every night and that there are no such things as “do-overs.”

The Broadway industry is a brave business.

I pinch myself that we’ve reached the 18-year milestone. And I know the only way to get 18 more amazing years is to make sure we never lose sight of this bravery and where it came from.

Thank you to each of you who have offered support over the years — whether as an employee, a client, a partner, or a friend. You are the brave ones. Thank you for inspiring me every day and supporting me on this crazy journey.

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