The often unnoticed magic of publicity

Hats off to the unsung heroes of the marketing world — the publicists. They are at the core of driving the most important impressions for brands — the endorsed ones. Call it earned media, call it word-of-mouth media… I simply call it awesome media. It’s an essential part of the marketing puzzle that I’m not sure always gets the respect it deserves.

I sit and watch in awe at the task they often have at hand working in the entertainment business.

“Why don’t we see if the New York Times is interested in covering this event? I know it’s tomorrow… which is a Sunday… and is at 6am… but this is very important to us.”

“I’m sure James Corden would love something like this. Why don’t you give him a ring to see what’s possible?”

“Can you see if they will rewrite that headline? I don’t think they positioned us fairly.”

“I know the critic said our film is ‘indisputably the worst film to be seen on screen this past decade’ but do you think he would be ok if we said the ‘indisputable film to see this decade’ in our advertising? Can you call him and ask?”

Tough stuff for sure.

From my view, great publicists keep a smile, show they give their all and evolve improbable ideas down grounded paths of possibility.

The art of controlling something you can’t control is a messy one for sure. Hats off to my friends on the front lines of publicity. In a world where the consumer is clobbered with advertising, the role of the publicist in getting the right kind of impressions for brands has never been more important.

Ask for that raise — you deserve one.

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