Why Our Agency Encourages You Do Something You Love With Someone You Love

A couple of weeks ago, on April 13th, our agency closed its doors early at 2pm. We do this on the second Friday of every April in honor of our former Creative Director, Ian Bennett, who passed away 11 years ago.

Ian was one of Situation’s very first employees. Now, every year, we honor him by encouraging our employees to step away from their desks, their emails, and their phones to go do something they love with people they love.

On April 13th, our cheery executives were quite literally standing over people’s desks to make sure people wrapped up and got out of the office to enjoy the half-day off. Everyone obliged and shared their experience on social media throughout the day.

Here’s a look at what some of our folks did:

“Surprised my daughter by coming home early from work, and took her out for ice cream.”

“I am driving to Hershey Park with my boyfriend, dog, and a few of my best friends to spend that day and the entire weekend there as a mini-getaway enjoying rides, chocolate, and a road trip with my favorite people!”

“Having a picnic in the park with my best friends!”

“Flying home to Richmond, VA to be with my family.”

“I took a train to Philadelphia to meet three of my college best friends for a food-filled girl’s weekend!”

“Enjoying the weather/exploring the city with my husband on one of our last baby-less days together!”

“I enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon outside drinking wine and eating cheese with some of my coworkers who also happen to be people I love.”

“Playing ping-pong!”

“It was well spent with many loved ones at my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah.”

“Surprised my 2-year-old by arriving home from work early and enjoyed the warm weather outside, with popsicles.”

A group of colleagues even took advantage of the impromptu warm weather and had a picnic in Central Park together. Instagram was full of sunshine and happy faces!

Outside of just our team, we have always encouraged our community to follow in our footsteps. We asked Cynopsis readers what they would do with their half-day, and folks were eager to respond with amazing ideas for how they’d spend their time:

“Read stories to grade school kids.”

“Grab a book and sit by the pool reading, while my beloved dogs enjoy an afternoon barking at birds and iguanas, and soak up the time just for me.”

“I would definitely go see a movie. There’s nothing like sitting in a theater, the lights going down, a hot bucket of popcorn, and getting lost in a new world for a few hours.”

“I now work at a startup and we get out at 2pm on Fridays. I would see a movie, cultural event or go to the gym.”

“Surprise my 7-year-old twin daughters by pulling them out of school early to get pedicures and manicures.”

“Kayak on the Potomac River with my wife. It is just beautiful in the spring.”

“Drive to the beach and just spend an hour relaxing looking at the ocean. I would turn off my cell phone so I could truly decompress from the week and set myself up for a more relaxing weekend.”

No one needs an article to remind them that it’s important to make time for the things and people we love. But we are all human and sometimes we forget in the daily swirl of meetings and deadlines. So, thank you for joining us as we took a brief afternoon to remind ourselves to take advantage of things that make our hearts happy, in and out of the office. See you next year!

Founder, Situation (www.situation.nyc)

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